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Leigh (LoGun)

I’m the face, the voice, and the love handles behind AI. Despite how incredibly far I’ve come, my journey is never done. There’s always more to learn and more to do. You can read everything I trying / doing / thinking about / using here.

Jermaine small

J. Martinez

I live in the USA. I’m 35 years old. I love women and philosophy, but hate all manner of white sauces. I’m here to see just how much I can expereince of this crazy thing we call ‘life’.



A strapping young man from the midwest. Used to only learn from reading books and others’ mistakes. Spent 20 or so years in my head trying to be impressive and perfect. Now enjoying the pleasure of making mistakes and going on adventures. Booya!


Luke Mac

As a kid, I saw Indiana Jones and said “I want to be an archaeologist.” I was wrong: what I wanted was to explore lost worlds, love beautiful women, and live a life of adventure. I’m 30 and still growing up.



Name’s Christian… I’m passionate and deeply inclined to become a real man in every aspect of my life. Loving every part of the journey, life is a blessing. I’ve just recently discovered that my life is mine for the taking, that everything I experience and feel is my own creation. Check out my posts for […]



A 20 years old Brazilian youngster who aims to become a True Man in a place where little boys play macho. Also dreams to become a full-time, best-selling writer, finding a great girl, overcome his greatest fears and being able to solve the puzzles of life before dinner. (:



I’m Shawn and I’m only 16 years old. But this only leaves so many more years to add to an undying dynasty. I invite you all to observe my creed, my commitment to the world in hopes that it’ll help you build your own road to greatness.



21 year old college student here. I like movies, long walks on the beach, and clichés  But seriously, this happens to be a very critical time in my life. Let’s grow together